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We are of the strong belief that happy employees are one of the driving forces of a successful and accelerated growth of a company.

We always look for people who can bring new perspectives and life experiences to our teams. We are an employee-friendly environment and values your innovation, passion and desire to grow with the aim of nurturing a workplace that is diverse, integrated and aligned to a common purpose of delivering excellence, consistently.

opportunities for you

We are frequently in search of highly talented, innovative and passionate professionals who have a dream to grow along with Orbio.

UI Developer

We are looking for a 3years experienced UI/UX Designer to work on live projects who would like to take up the web and mobile designing as an assignment which involves a lot of interpersonal skills.

  • Skills: Php, My Sql, HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, JavaScript, Laravel, Node JS, CodeIgniter.
  • Software Tester

    We are looking for a professional manual Tester, who is patient enough to carefully check each functionality from user perspective while ensuring the logical flow of the software is enforced with time.You will be an important member of the Orbio User Experience & Design team.

    Send your resume to info@orbiosolutions.com

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