robotic AI

Robotic & AI future

The cosmos of commonality has been terribly taking twists and turns according to the changing dynamics of technological breakthrough . It takes no insight to comprehend that humanity is now about to embrace a new and novel lifestyle that will be powered by algorithm, autonomous and al-driven technologies
It Is inescapable reality that A I has grown out of the science fiction realm and is Playing out right now. However, Ai ,in sooth, is quite distinct from the Frankenstein robots which Hollywood movies imagined since it could be turned out to be boon and Bane of humanity simultaneously .well an erudite futurist gerd leonhard depicts explicitly a picture of men vs robotics slugfest in his book known as technology vs humanity. Whereas, there seems to be no ambiguity and dubity over the fact that the humanity gets s underway to a radical megashifts more in the next 20years than the previous 300 years.
In an ideal future of humanity will sit on-top of technology, harnesses its power to redress most of its conundrums and dilemmas (disease, water ,food, energy) while allowing us to spend more time on the top layers of the Maslow needs pyramid (ei: social and cultural needs,self realisation etc.)

History of tomorrow ; human vs humanoid

The compound effect of exponential and combinatorial technological change will become evident by 2023 will surpass the industrial revolution or the invention of the print press. So now the awkward question mark is whether it’s boon or Bane for ….?
While some futurists profusely lament the fluctuation of human driven social fabric into humanoid driven order stamping out all social values and ethics visionary scientists are in a strenuous bid shaping an utopian cosmos that couldn’t have been even thought of a couple of years back .
It would be farfetched to ponder over this paradigm shift in the technological shpere if it were a couple of decades ago reshaping all walks of life and apportioning a miraculous rhythmes to the lives of ecch one within just matter of years. However, now humanity has been got to a level where none will defy the corellary that the technological ramification will no longer retain its status quo as being Just outside of human bodies but it’s actually penetrating inside of us(via wearbels , bcis , nanotechnology, human genome editing, AI etc.) Marking a phenomenal change in the history of human beings .
Well ,It Is an inconvertible fact that The leaner cycle of historical experience are already morphing into parallel universe of rich and poor , peaceful and warridden . Business cycle within industries also vanish ,as winners and losers contrast dramatically at any one time .this Is more than just the conflation of time and space so often defined as globalisation – this is exponential technology redefining what it means to exist as a human being at any one time.
So As a result of The somersault of the pattern of life, jabbing the previous one into the eternal oblivion , now the world is witnessing a sharp meandering in the daily lives of populaces as the technological inventions and innovations are continuing to usher in novel world order acquiring momentum in plethora of fields like Digitisation scientificstion datafication intelligesation, automation, virtulaisation and Augmentat ion.
So in a recapitulation, the exponential expanding scope of robotics and AI will definitely give birth a fabulous and unprecedented world order at the expense of the prevailing one . And of course it could be a boon and Bane for the world as it can expedite the velocity of upward trajectory of globalisation and at the same time robotics and AI could be menace to the balance of world .