Data & Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges with modern organizations is how they process, interpret and make use of the vast data that most organizations are sitting with. The efficiency and productivity of an organization is directly proportional to its usage of data. Orbio brings in data intelligence within your organization that unlocks the huge wealth of data that you have and clearly gives you an unmatched competitive advantage. We have a bunch of experienced data scientists who have years of domain expertise in data management, intelligence and in a host of technologies and practices including data engineering, data visualization, AI and big data processing.


Power up your enterprise with Big Data

Collect, transform, and validate data by building a secure and reliable data architecture. We employ machine learning models, historical data, and predictive analysis to produce breath taking novelty at every stage of a business. With data platforms tailored to suit your evolving business needs, our experts design and deploy an infrastructure that can gather data from multiple sources and extract insights that drive growth.

Data Visualization

Harness data-driven insights for Business intelligence

Turn raw data into visually interpreted business intelligence using data analytics best practices. Derive a consolidated view of all your enterprise assets and experiences by leveraging the vast expanse of opportunity uncovered by data processing and integration. Our data visualization services will help you build an agile environment equipped with smart dashboards and intuitive applications to predict trends and discover growth opportunities. Position your enterprise ahead of its time with data-driven insights to improve business processes and functions.

Machine Learning

Create powerful software using ML

Develop training models for business-specific outcomes and build powerful software using incisive machine learning algorithms. Study historical patterns and data trends to build smart applications and improve operational efficiency. Support your big data and analytics infrastructure with powerful predictions and machines for healthcare, tech, insurance, customer services, etc. Leverage our expertise in computer vision, speech recognition and natural language processing to foster amazing end-user experiences. Paired with artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have created digital solutions that continue to outperform legacy models by far.


AI-powered software for digital acceleration

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we build powerful applications that increase the chances of achieving your business objectives. By enabling a smarter workflow and centralized operations, we give you full control over innovative solutions to solve business challenges. Ranging from market forecasts and employee lifecycle management, we use AI to power up digital workplaces of the future. Delivering use-centric controls and unmatched security, our expertise in AI can be leveraged by businesses of all sizes. Utilize AI powered apps for improved business agility and performance.

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Big Data Processing

Manage big data at scale and velocity

Analyze and systematically organized large sums of complex data from multiple sources by mitigating risks and eradicating vulnerabilities. Equipped with powerful computing power, we empower businesses with the infrastructure to collects, process, analyze and store voluminous data at an unprecedented scale and velocity. This in turn results in cross-platform data integration and visualization to speed up processes and handle sensitive data sets. With our energy efficient data warehousing, data lake and cloud based big data analytics platforms, we assure high performance and secure transactions. We can also help migrate all your enterprise data uninterruptedly, leading to digital enablement and computing prowess.