Big Data Helping Enterprises

Big data , a staunchful bridge to utopia

Can we reflect on a world where no sooner did you long for your desperate need than it is on your table in a trice ? it would have been incoceivable a couple of decades ago. But now it is no more an elusive one for each of us as fabulous business intelligence has been taking tremendous strides at the expense of traditional praxis, profusely pursuing and adamantly aggragating the behavioural pattern and broad spectrum of likes and dislikes of the souls of market economy; consumers . ent and design flaws many apps simply fail because of their pre-launch and post-launch shortcomings.

You may be astonished by the undeniable fact that Big data is of ability to swiftly trace the hearts of customers and consumers . The Inscrutable veracity is that Every keyword you search, every click you make and every comment you write down in internet is data or information. Most strikingly A regular smartphone users would be uploading GBs of data to the servers of social networking sites each day in the form of text, photos and audio. Every time you add” feeling sad “or” feeling excited “ to your status facebook leverages nimbly these datas to get an edge for their algorithm for sentiment analysis and these data will undergird to spawn new innovative solutions to its customers despite it betrays the basic notion of privacy.

Big data and AI ; two panacea to get the world Yonger

Will it be a misconception and illusion to believe that the prevailing world has been going through a 4th unprecedented industrial revolution that apportioned a novel lease of life to the entire world? Well, the scholarly exposures are of the same opinion as humanity are taking by paralysis before booming of big data and AI.

Booming of technological breakthrough and subsequent unimaginable inventions of business intelligence was inctrovertibly a game changer for not only business but also the entire world. It has breeded unimaginable and catch napping advantages and benefits in areas as diverse as medicine, agriculture, gambling environmental protection , business and security .Data now plays a huge role in comprehending and discriminating invaluable and precisious insights about target demographics and customer preferences.

Big data analytics: a Waving magical wand

A paradigm shift of traditional trends in business sector has sent astonishing waves to the world as it ushered in an upward trajectory of sweeping elevation for the concurrent order . From merely being a knowing business organisation to the learning organization, bridging the deepening and widening hiatus between customers and companies .

Today big data analytics and cloud computing are integral parts of business organisation as it vital to stay abreast with all the latest trends of the world.when Junctures are constantly taking meandering zigzags and precipitous steeps in businesses world having on the toes to figure out what the future trends are is a must.

To our great bewilderment, some utopian world orders have been coming true with magic wand; big data and AI strategies. It is likely to defy your imagination to figure out how Dubai has been in its strenuous bid to win a jealous position of being a smartest city of the world , where undoubtedly big datas have a crucial role to play as the city will make its presence felt in the world to be a wholly digitalized and a paperless frabjous and elegant city , pandering to the needs of people as soon as stuffs flash through their mind and it also projected that it will garner an expected USD 9.2 billion by just couple of years